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Certified Essential Oil Therapist, C.E.O.T.
Certified Reflexologist, C.R.,
Certified Ingham Method® Reflexologist
B.S., Speech and Hearing Sciences from UCSB

Galleria Wellness Center

740 Front Street, Suite #250
Downtown Santa Cruz, CA., 95060

Botanical Reflexology

Rose Geranium


Aromatherapy is the use of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to help relieve a variety of health issues and create balance within the body. Essential oils can positively affect all eleven systems of the body.
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Foot Reflexology is a healing modality which involves applying pressure to the feet with specific thumb and finger techniques with the intention of creating a response in another part of the body.

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Reflexology Points

Botanical Reflexology

As a natural health practitioner I believe our body contains the wisdom needed to restore and maintain health and well being. My philosopy is to promote health and well being and discourage symptom suppression.

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